Green Olive Spread
Green Olive Spread

Green Olive Spread

Green Olive Spread
Green Olive Spread

Discover the captivating flavor of our olive cream, inspired by the enchanting moment of full olive ripeness. After pitting the ripe olives, we finely chop them to achieve a creamy and silky texture. Next, we blend this flavor-rich "paste" with rich extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean aromas.

Our olive cream brings the cool breeze of Mediterranean flavors to every bite. It is born from the intersection of creativity and quality, offering an exciting and authentic taste experience.

Explore the rich palette of our olive cream! Use it as an appetizer or spread it on a slice of fresh bread to immediately immerse yourself in the world of Mediterranean cuisine. The fresh, silky texture and intense flavor notes are expressed in every bite.

Our olive cream perfectly preserves the taste and texture of olives. With a shelf life of 24 months from the date of production, you can enjoy quality for an extended period. To savor the best flavors, store the cream at room temperature or in the refrigerator after opening, and consume it within three days. Immerse yourself in Mediterranean delights and relish the rich and intense flavors of our olive cream with every bite!

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Ingredients: olives, extra virgin olive oil, capers, salt.

Food pairing: Delicious, balanced, and easily spreadable cream. Excellent for appetizers, bruschettas, or simply spread on bread.

Shelf life: 24 months from the manufacturing date.

Storage recommendation: Store at room temperature; refrigerate after opening and consume within three days.

Certified organic farming
Certified vegan product
180 g/piece
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