540g Peeled Tomatoes
540g Peeled Tomatoes

540g Peeled Tomatoes

540g Peeled Tomatoes
540g Peeled Tomatoes

Discover the exceptional quality of our 540g Peeled Tomatoes, a kitchen staple that's perfect for a wide range of culinary creations. Our tomatoes are sourced from the finest vine-ripened tomatoes, hand-picked at the peak of their freshness.

Each can of Peeled Tomatoes contains whole, juicy tomatoes that have been carefully peeled to remove the skin while preserving the rich flavor and vibrant color. These tomatoes are known for their naturally sweet taste and robust texture, making them a versatile ingredient for all your favorite dishes.

Whether you're making a hearty pasta sauce, a flavorful soup, or a zesty chili, our Peeled Tomatoes provide the perfect base. Their exceptional quality and freshness will enhance the taste of your recipes and bring out the best in your cooking.

With no added preservatives or artificial ingredients, you can enjoy the pure, natural taste of tomatoes in every dish. Our convenient 540g can ensures that you have a ready supply of high-quality peeled tomatoes for all your cooking needs.

Elevate your culinary creations with the rich, authentic flavor of our Peeled Tomatoes and experience the difference that quality makes in your cooking.

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Quantity: 540g

Ingredients: Premium San Marzano tomatoes and salt.

Food Pairing: Peeled San Marzano tomatoes are an essential component of Italian cuisine. Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, oregano, and garlic, they serve as a perfect appetizer and an excellent base for first courses and pasta dishes, such as crafting a delectable olive oil and garlic spaghetti.

Quality Preservation: We guarantee the product's quality for up to 24 months from the date of production.

Storage Recommendations: Please store the product at room temperature. Once opened, place it in the refrigerator and consume it within 3 days to preserve its freshness and flavor. Peeled San Marzano tomatoes add a unique touch to every dish and bring out the best in Italian culinary creations.

Certified organic farming
Certified vegan product
Certified organic product
540 g/pcs
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