1 kg Lollo Gold Blend Coffee Beans

A coffee blend with a distinct flavour and energy, with the right robusta touch for strength and body. A substantial and honest coffee that awakens all the senses with its irresistible creaminess and the impetus of an intense aftertaste.

Lollo Gold Blend coffee beans - The Coffee Lovers' First Choice

If real quality coffee is your desire, then Lollo Gold Blend coffee beans are the perfect choice for you. This carefully blended coffee will give new meaning to your morning ritual.

Lollo Gold Blend bean to bean coffee is made from an elegant blend of high quality Arabica and Robusta, making each cup of coffee an amazing taste experience. The arabica beans are responsible for the delicate and rich flavours, while the robusta beans add the necessary body and strength to the coffee.

Lollo Gold Blend coffee is roasted with extreme care to ensure that the flavour and aroma are of the highest standard. The beans are sourced from high quality sources. Made especially for those who like a distinctive yet balanced flavour.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover a new dimension of coffee enjoyment with Lollo Gold Blend. Whether it's for breakfast or an afternoon relaxation, this coffee is the perfect choice for any occasion. Don't miss it, order now!

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Lollo Gold Blend Coffee Beans - The Organ of Taste

Lollo Gold Blend coffee is a real treat for coffee lovers. Contained in this 1 kilogram pack, this blend represents the pinnacle of refinement and quality, and will captivate all palates. If you are looking for a truly outstanding coffee, Lollo Gold Blend is the best choice.

Lollo Gold Blend contains the finest Arabica and Robusta beans. The arabica beans contribute to the rich and refined flavours, while the robusta beans give the coffee body and strength. The result is a perfectly balanced, lively and aromatic coffee that will impress all coffee lovers.

The Lollo Gold Blend is roasted with the utmost care to ensure that the flavour and aroma are at their peak. This coffee meets the highest quality standards and is guaranteed to be fresh and succulent when it reaches your cup.

Lollo Gold Blend is the ideal choice for your coffee machine or even your coffee shop. Whether it's breakfast, an afternoon break or an evening of coffee drinking, this coffee is perfect for any occasion.

Choose Lollo Gold Blend and discover a higher dimension of coffee enjoyment. Order now to experience the unique taste of coffee!

Malty, floral
Caffeine content
Medium caffeine content
Type / Format
in grains
Southern Italy
Espresso coffee machine
1 kg
1 kg/pcs
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