1 kg Covim Blend Granbar Coffee Beans
1 kg Covim Blend Granbar Coffee Beans

1 kg Covim Blend Granbar Coffee Beans

Creamy, full-bodied and aromatic, with an intense and balanced flavour, the classic Italian espresso.

The 1kg Coffee beans Covim blend Granbar is a coffee lovers dream. This high quality coffee bean blend is a Covim product, made with tradition and passion, bringing the masterful flavours of Italian coffee in every sip.

The Granbar blend coffee beans are selected from the best coffee growing areas of the world. The blend is based on Arabica and Robusta beans, known as Italian coffee, which Covim processes using a special roasting process. The result is the distinctive flavour of the Granbar blend.

This coffee is known for its outstanding quality and complex flavour profile. The aroma has subtle notes of caramel and chocolate, accompanied by a slight fruity acidity. The complex flavours and soft body create a unique taste experience for Granbar coffee.

The 1kg pack allows you to enjoy this masterpiece for a long time. Covim blend Granbar coffee beans are perfect for espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and other coffees. Whether for home coffee drinking or entertaining, Granbar blend is always an excellent choice.

Covim blend Granbar coffee reflects the excellence and passion that the Covim brand has for coffee. If you love real Italian coffee and the pleasure of drinking coffee, Granbar blend is guaranteed to enchant and delight you with its taste experience. Taste and enjoy the sublime moments of coffee with this exceptional coffee!

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The 1kg Coffee beans Covim blend Granbar is a true coffee lovers' speciality, reflecting the long history and passion of the Covim brand. In this detailed product description, we introduce you to the exciting world of this high quality coffee bean blend, so that you can get to know it in more depth.

Granbar blend coffee beans are sourced from the world's best coffee producing regions. Covim's experts carefully select the finest Arabica and Robusta beans that form the basis of the blend. The arabica coffee is responsible for the delicate and complex flavours, while the robusta contributes to the body and strong character. These beans are processed by Covim using a special roasting technique to bring out their best qualities.

The unique taste profile of Granbar blend coffee will immediately impress coffee lovers. The aroma has notes of caramel and chocolate, harmoniously combined with a slight fruity acidity. This coffee has a soft body that allows you to discover the complex flavours in every sip.

The Coffee beans Covim blend Granbar (art. no. 0000710) reflects Covim's commitment and passion for coffee. This coffee is a true embodiment of Italian coffee culture and the values that the Covim brand believes in. If you are looking for a true coffee experience, where rich flavours and aromas meet, Granbar blend coffee is guaranteed to impress and meet your expectations. Try this exceptional coffee and enjoy every sip!

Caffeine content
high caffeine content
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in grains
Northern Italy
Portafilter espresso machine, automatic machine
1 kg
1 kg/pcs
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