1 kg LolloCaffé dek espresso decaffeinated whole coffee beans blend
1 kg LolloCaffé dek espresso decaffeinated whole coffee beans blend

1 kg LolloCaffé dek espresso decaffeinated whole coffee beans blend

An original decaffeinated blend with the distinctive taste of Lollo coffee, with a balanced and delicate roast to preserve all the flavour and strength of a fine and elite coffee for the true connoisseur.

Lollo Coffee Beans Dek Blend (Art. No. 000144) is a high quality coffee bean for coffee lovers. This 1 kg pack is the perfect choice for those who value simplicity and enjoyment in their coffee drinking, as well as taste and quality.

Dek Blend is a special blend with a unique character and aroma. The coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to bring out the rich flavour notes that are present in every sip. The balanced flavour of the coffee allows every coffee lover to find the perfect coffee for them.

Dek Blend coffee is extremely smooth and mild, making it an ideal choice for those who like lighter coffees. Both sweet and characterful flavours are present, making every sip a pleasant surprise. This coffee is the perfect choice for breakfast or an afternoon of relaxation.

The 1kg pack size is ideal for long term coffee drinking and can satisfy your coffee cravings for several occasions. Whether it's coffee at home or coffee at the office, Dek Blend will always bring you the pleasure of coffee.

Try Lollo Coffee Beans Dek Blend and discover the perfect balance of simplicity and quality. This coffee will brighten up any day and make every occasion a special experience. Choose Dek Blend and enjoy the pleasure of real coffee in every cup.

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Type / Format
in grains
Southern Italy
Portafilter espresso machine, automatic machine
Decaffeination method
Standard solvent extraction process
1 kg
1 kg/pcs
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