1 kg Caffé Borbone miscela TOP whole coffee beans blend

Sweet and sophisticated. The perfect synthesis of flavor and sophistication, creaminess, sweetness, character - the Suprema blend satisfies even the most discerning coffee lovers who seek the true taste of beautiful Naples.

Borbone coffee beans Top blend is a special coffee blend that exemplifies the fusion of sophistication and flavor. These coffee beans carry a unique character and taste, offering an unforgettable experience to every coffee enthusiast.

These premium quality coffee beans are carefully selected and roasted to bring out the best in them. The coffee is perfectly creamy and sweet, making every sip a real delight. The Suprema blend follows the traditions of Neapolitan coffee, ensuring that you can truly experience the authentic taste of Naples in every sip.

The Top blend coffee beans come in a 1 kg package, providing enough coffee for coffee aficionados for an extended period. This coffee is the perfect choice for those who value taste, quality, and the enjoyment of coffee.

Taste Borbone coffee beans Top blend and savor the magic of Neapolitan coffee in every cup. With this coffee, you'll truly have an unforgettable coffee experience.

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The Borbone Coffee Beans Top Blend is a real treat for coffee lovers. This premium quality coffee bean blend is not just a simple coffee, but a true experience that expresses sophistication and flavor perfection in every sip. This package contains 1 kg of coffee and is for those who seek the true coffee experience, not just the caffeine.

The Top Blend coffee beans are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. The meticulous roasting and processing of the coffee beans follow the traditional Italian coffee-making method of Borbone, guaranteeing an authentic and enjoyable flavor experience. The result is a coffee with a unique character that embodies the craft of Italian coffee-making.

The distinguishing feature of Top Blend coffee is its creamy texture, achieved through the right roasting and blending. This coffee perfectly balances sweetness and character, making every sip an exploration and pleasure. The creamy and silky consistency sets this coffee apart, making it an excellent choice for morning or afternoon coffee.

The Top Blend coffee beans come in a 1 kg package, providing enough coffee for weeks. Whether it's for home coffee enjoyment or office coffee consumption, this package is designed for those committed to quality and flavor.

Taste the Borbone Coffee Beans Top Blend and let the art of Italian coffee-making enchant you. This coffee is a genuine mouthwatering pleasure that offers an unforgettable flavor experience to every coffee lover. Choose the Top Blend and relish the true joy of coffee in every cup.

Chocolatey, fruity
Caffeine content
Medium caffeine content
Type / Format
in grains
Southern Italy
Portafilter espresso machine, automatic machine
1 kg
1 kg/pcs
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